CTFANY Summer Meeting

Founded in 1953, the mission of the Christmas Tree Farmers’ Association of New York (CTFANY) is to empower our members in the development of the real Christmas tree industry. 

CTFFANY provides information and opportunities for its members that include national visibility and stature, quality production, preservation, education, pride in our products and customer satisfaction.  We provide education to the public about the real tree industry, enable the public to purchase and enjoy the benefits of farm fresh and fragrant real Christmas trees and evergreen products.  At the same time, we protect the environment that surrounds us and enhance the contributions of the Christmas tree industry to New York’s economy.

CTFANY’s vision is to be the premier Christmas Tree Farmers Association in the United States.  We foresee a profitable real Christmas tree industry that is environmentally responsible and competitive on a regional and national scale.  We will increase the real tree industry by producing Christmas trees and evergreen products of the highest quality while providing ultimate customer satisfaction.

Christmas Tree Farming in New York State - It's a Year Round Job!       See Video on YouTube.com

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