Get Greens
When thinking about and choosing the perfect Christmas wreath to adorn your door or to give as a gift, there are just a few things to keep in mind:

  • Size - What is the area where the wreath will be displayed? In a doorway, the wreath should not overpower the door, or be larger than the door itself. You wouldn't want to get the wreath caught every time you open and closed it.
    A wreath that is too small will go unnoticed.
  • Shape - This is an equally important decision. Think about where the wreath will be hanging. If on a door, a beautiful swag or ornately decorated round could work beautifully. In a cemetery for example there are many options. You may want to choose one in the shape of a cross, a wreath tied to an easel, a grave blanket or a spray that attaches to the cemetery stone. Candy canes can be fun in a window or on a pedestal next to a sidewalk.
  • Color - The beautiful lush greens of a Christmas wreath look stunning on a red door, but may get lost on a black one. Also a burgundy bow may clash with a red or brown door. Think about a color scheme that would complement the area where the wreath will be displayed and stick to it. Just because you fall in love with a wreath with trendy colors like hot pink, doesn't mean it's the best choice.

Don't be afraid to ask your local Christmas tree farmer for help. Just because you don't see exactly what you are looking for, doesn't mean that they can't make it. Most New York State Christmas Tree Farmers take custom orders throughout the Christmas season, and are genuinely pleased to make you, your perfect wreath! There are so many varieties and options for decorating that you're only limited by your imagination.

While Christmas wreaths come in a variety of shapes and sizes, did you know there are different grades of wreaths? This is an important consideration when choosing a wreath, as the grade of the wreath will dictate the quality and price. For instance, have you ever noticed your local superstore selling Christmas wreaths at a discount? These would be considered basic wreaths. They are usually a lighter weight and twine bound wreath. These wreaths may not stand up as well in the weather, and may have been made many weeks before.

Most of the wreaths made by New York State Christmas tree farmers are metal clamped, making them heavier and more durable. Most of the wreaths made at your local farm are premium wreaths. This means the greens are fresh cut and clamped into the metal ring, usually within a few days from being cut from the tree.

A deluxe wreath is usually a mix of the fir greens and other types of brush. For instance Fraser fir greens with a white pine, or holly greenery or clumps of boxwood make stunning combinations. Deluxe wreaths have beautiful added texture and depth, and can be more difficult to make. Especially beautiful are wreaths that have variegated greenery and berries.

In New York State, many of the wreaths are made with Fraser fir. Frasers are a great choice for making wreaths, as they have excellent needle retention and color. Fraser firs are readily available and grown in New York State and make popular choices for Christmas trees, as well. The natural fragrance of the Fraser Fir will become more pronounced throughout the holiday season. Their hardy branches make it easy for them to hold the weight of decorations and last through the season.

Remember when purchasing a wreath that the quality will not only determine the price, but how long it will last.