Real Christmas trees benefit the environment
Save the Earth. Choose a Real Christmas Tree.
What stabilizes the earth's soil, protects our water supply, and acts as a natural animal habitat? A Real Christmas Tree of course! Christmas trees can grow and stabilize soil that would not normally support other crops. Chipped or mulched Christmas trees can be burned for fuel and used as a renewable source of energy. The mulch helps to stabilize soil, prevents erosion and as it breaks down literally helps to produce new earth!

Did you know that Real Christmas Trees can be recycled? The obvious way is through mulch, but they can also be used as a shelter for song birds, bunnies, foxes and fish.

Real Christmas Trees help clean the air! Studies have shown that one acre of 8 to 12 year old Christmas trees produces a half ton of new biomass each and every year. Younger trees will produce even more. This removes more than 500 pounds of CO2 from the atmosphere and refreshes the air with 1,000 pounds of life-giving oxygen. Real Christmas Trees also help to remove dust and pollen from the air. So help feed the trees...EXHALE!

Younger trees produce more oxygen...
Because younger trees produce more oxygen than older ones, the cutting of older trees is encouraged. For every one Christmas tree harvested, two to three seedlings are planted in its place. So the myth that cutting down Christmas trees is destroying the earth is debunked.

Real Christmas Tree farms produce scenic green belts that create wildlife habitats, clean the air, and produces oxygen, making for a healthier planet. If you see a Christmas tree farmer, thank them for a better world!