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Northern Pines
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Owners: Ted & Peg Walrich

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Welcome to Northern Pines Christmas Wreaths located in Northern New York! We’ve been a family owned business for over 25 years. We offer balsam wreaths made fresh on our farm (wholesale or retail).

Fund-raiser for schools, churches, scouts, other organizations:

Maybe you are looking for an effective way to make money for your organization. Sell a product that thousands of homes use every year. Everything is pre-sold and collected for ahead of time. This eliminates a problem of over ordering or having to pay for products you can't sell.

Our promotional fresh balsam fir wreath is 20-22” in diameter, handcrafted in our shop and comes with a large 7 loop brick red velvet weatherproof bow and 2 large white tipped pinecones on picks.

We use only the freshest balsam boughs that are known for their fragrance and long lasting needles. It is not unusual to see a Balsam Fir wreath still adorning a front door with style through the Holidays and into Spring! Our fundraising program is profitable and simple to administer.

wpe2.jpg (3006 bytes)Promotional wreath is $9.25 (7 loop velvet bow and 2 cones)

Wreath with full decorations is $10.50 (7 loop velvet bow, 3 cones & 3 clumps of berries)

Shipping is additional.

All orders must be placed in full case quantities (10 to a case) and shipped to a single address. It is best to order a few "extras" on your original order as add-on orders must also be placed in full case quantities. Please make initial contact by October 1st to assure space in our program.

We guarantee dependable on time delivery. We ship anywhere - a minimum of 20 to several hundred. Everything is shipped in bulk quantities. We will supply your organization with a customer order form with the name of your organization at the top and continued personalized assistance by phone and email.

The wholesale program is simple...

  • Your profit will be determined by the '"retail" price you choose to set.
  • It is possible to generate a $6-$10 profit per item sold.
  • Items are pre-sold so you don't have left over inventory.

Call 1-888-669-9247 toll free or email to take advantage of this great opportunity!

Please provide the following information:
  • Organization name
  • Address
  • Contact person
  • Telephone #
  • Best time to call

We also offer Decorated Wreaths at Retail:

Holiday Gift Giving for Corporate, Friend or Relative

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Size is 22 inches in diameter
Price: $32
(includes shipping and handling)

The balsam fir wreath is a great gift idea for family, friends, co-workers or clients. Our wreaths are handmade locally from high quality fresh greens. It is decorated with red holly berries, white tipped pinecones & a large weatherproof brick red velvet bow. It is packaged in an attractive gift box to ensure it arrives in perfect condition. It will make a great impression and one they will enjoy all season.

We will ship directly with a gift card enclosed to your desired destination. We accept cash, money orders or personal checks.
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