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Christmas Tree Farmers Association of NY Inc.


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2013 NYS Guide to Farm Fresh Evergreens (Buyers Guide)

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Christmas Tree Nutrition CD (Updated Jan. 2013)

Thanks to Dr Russell Briggs, Professor of Forest Soils at SUNY-ESF, ESF Productions, and a grant from Farm Credit East NE Ag Enhancement Program, this popular CD on Christmas tree fertilization has been updated and reproduced. Reguest a free copy >>>

Also available from SUNY-ESF on-line: Fertilizer Calculation Worksheet


Weed Control Recommendations for Christmas Tree Growers (Rev. July 2009)

This is a much-requested handout from Dr Larry Kuhns workshops at the 2013 Winter Convention. Download now >>>

The herbicides listed in the Weed Control Recommendations publication are not necessarily labeled for use in NYS. Growers should check the Pesticide Product, Ingredient and Manufacturer System (PIMS) to make sure there is a NY label.



Christmas Tree Pest Manual

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NH Pesticide Safety Education Program


New York State Department Of Agriculture and Markets

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Michigan State University's Christmas Trees's Channel on YouTube

  See videos including "Christmas Tree Species: Nordmann Fir", Topography and Michigan Christmas Trees", and "Soil Texture and Michigan ChristmasTrees"


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New York State Guide

The Harvest Your Own Tradition
Proper Care of Your Real Christmas Tree

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