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Christmas Tree Farmers Association of NY Inc.



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CTFANY Membership Application

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Annual Dues: New members = $ 70 which is the Annual dues of $50.00 per year plus a one time application fee of $20 for new members. (Annual dues are due each year on or before December 1st. Dues reminders are sent out in October of each year.) Make check payable to CTFANY and return to Mary Jeanne Packer , our Executive Director at:

Phone: 518-854-7386
By Mail:

PO Box 705

Salem, NY  12865

By Email mjpacker@gwriters.com

CTFANY Membership Benefits:

  • Receive the Association’s quarterly newsletter, Real Tree Talk, which keeps members abreast of the tree industry via articles, advertising, calendar of events, etc.
  • Members have the opportunity to advertise in the annual Buyers Guide to “NYS's Farm Fresh Christmas Trees”, “Wreath & Evergreen Novelties”, and/or “The Evergreen Wholesale Buyer’s Guide” at an inexpensive rate. Can also advertise tree farm and be listed on CTFANY website
  • Participate in Association Conventions featuring professional growers, knowledgeable guest speakers and industry leaders in the Real Christmas Tree industry, and includes:
    • Winter Convention held in late January – devoted to seminars, lectures, and trade show with exhibitors/vendors
    • Summer Farm Tour – hosted by a member’s tree farm during summer months with seminars, field demonstrations, equipment exhibitors and demonstrators
    • NYS tree and wreath competitions
    • Pesticide license recertification credit sessions
  • CTFANY maintains a Scholarship program to help educate our youth. The scholarship application is available to high school graduates of family members and tree farm employees. Download scholarship application guidelines.
  • CTFANY maintains a website for members to advertise and to search for Real Christmas Tree information, references, and resources. This includes a Kids Zone area with educational packets if information and resources for children of all ages.
  • CTFANY participates in the Trees for Troops Program

Our Mission Statement:

The mission of the Christmas Tree Farmer's Association of New York (CTFANY) is to empower our members in the development of the Real Christmas Tree Industry. CTFANY provides information and opportunities for its members that include national visibility and stature, quality production, preservation, education, pride in our products, and customer satisfaction. We provide education to the public about the real tree industry, enable the public to purchase and enjoy the benefits of farm fresh and fragrant real Christmas trees and evergreen products. At the same time, we protect the environment that surrounds us and enhance the contributions of the Christmas tree industry to New York's economy.

CTFANY Vision:

CTFANY's vision is to be the premier Christmas Tree Farmers Association in the United States. We foresee a profitable Real Christmas Tree Industry that is environmentally responsible and competitive on a regional and national scale. We will increase the real tree industry by producing Christmas trees and evergreen products of the highest quality while providing ultimate customer satisfaction.


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New York State Guide

The Harvest Your Own Tradition
Proper Care of Your Real Christmas Tree

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Founded in 1953, as the New York Christmas Tree Growers' Association we changed our name to Christmas Tree Farmers Association of New York in January, 1999.

Christmas tree farming in New York State can be a rewarding full or part-time occupation. Unfortunately, that is not the way it works out for many people who enter the business. To bring your risk down to an acceptable level, it is crucial to be informed about the basics of the industry before you make large commitments.

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