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Christmas Tree Farmers Association of NY Inc.

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2012 CTFANY Winter Convention
January 27-28, 2012. Turning Stone Convention Center, Verona, NY.
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Hope everyone will have a successful selling season, a Merry Christmas, and that you all look forward to an eventful 2012. Speaking of events, here is a preliminary preview of what is coming up at the January 2012 CTFANY Winter Convention. Please watch for updates as they occur.

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Wreathmakers Competition rules and registration form

Preliminary Agenda

IPM Pesticide credits

  • George Hudler (Cornell) - Saturday - “Common Insects and Diseases of Christmas Trees in NY: ID and Management.” This session will be aimed at new growers, and the speaker will focus on pests of foliage, twigs, stems, and roots and lead the audience through an exercise that familiarizes them with Cornell Guidelines for Pest Management on Trees and Shrubs.
  • George Hudler (Cornell) –- Saturday – Jeopartree” Through a lively interactive adaptation of the popular TV show Jeopardy, Dr. Hudler will invite participants to share what they know about Christmas tree pest identification and management (including weeds) and use various topics on the board as springboards for short “mini-lectures” on selected topics of particular importance to the industry.
  • Brian Eshenaur (IPM) – Friday- The Root Zone- what you don’t see can hurt you. Many growers have had losses due to root problems over the past few years. In this session we’ll look into the root zone of Christmas tree plants and what can go wrong. We’ll focus on the m most common causes of root decline including Phytophthora Root Rot of Fraser Fir. We’ll talk through control techniques including pesticide options for certain root problems. Resistant species will also be examined as well as preliminary results of an active research project looking at how various tree species perform in a field with root rot.
  • Elizabeth Lamb – Friday – Nutrition with Slant on Pest Management ; Also how to read soil samples. Description to follow.

Larry Kuhns (Penn State) –- Friday- “If I knew then what I know now”- This presentation covers a host of mistakes I made during my years in the Christmas tree business, including several major errors made before I planted a tree. There’s a high probability that every grower in the audience will be able to relate to one or more of them.

Michelle Podolec (Cornell) – Friday - Smart phones and other media – continued….Follow up session using live online computer access to show you how to actually use the applications on your smart phones, iPads, etc… She will talk through evaluating the apps and installing them while you look at the Android/Apple marketplaces.

Sue Bostic – Social Media - Viral marketing from a growers standpoint. Sue will discuss her experience with Facebook and other social media- from the phase of personal resistance to having over 1200 “friends” hitting on her Facebook page. She will discuss how this avenue has enhanced the marketing for Joe’s trees.

Sue Hoffman and Sue Bostic (Virginia) - The Two Sues are back by popular demand. They will hold 2 different sessions (1 on Fri., 1 on Sat.) in wreath design that is the newest trend and that will help you with wreath sales.

Brett Crosby (Custom Ag. Solutions, Cowley, WY) – Risk Management issues related to estate planning. Where To Begin in Planning for the next Generation
The seamless transfer of an operation from one generation to the next is a tremendous challenge. Many farmers feel overwhelmed, and don’t know where to start, so they ignore the issue, and thus make it worse. In this seminar, we will discuss the how to start planning for the transfer of assets and responsibilities to the next generation. Specifically, we will discuss what questions need to be addressed before beginning the planning process, what professionals should be involved, what costs to plan for, and some specific examples of creative solutions to complex estate transfer challenges

Kevin Cook (Farm Bureau) – Friday – Workman’s Compensation – Description to follow

Richard Moore – Saturday- Checkoff Program Update

Dave Hicks and Gary Henderberg (CTFANY) – Buying and Selling Bough Material – A-Z. Dave and Gary will cover many aspects related to bough material: Answers, Boughs/Branches, Cost/Care, Decorate, Enjoy!, Freshness, Greens, Harvesting, Investment, Juniper, Kissing balls, Loading trailers. tractors, Materials, Nippers/Novelties, Optimize, Planning, Questions, Roping, Species/Supplies, Tools, Utilization- Maximum, Ventilation, Why wholesale, X-tra special, Yellowing of greens, Zero waste.

John Rogers (Bluebird Society) – “All about Bluebirds – and More” He will discuss the life history of the Eastern Bluebird, nest box management, other birds that b=nest in bluebird boxes, and more. The focus is on bluebirds and how we, as tree farms, can assist in keeping the population alive. John also shares his passion for the natural world in hopes the audience will absorb some broader and deeper messages about nature. The program has variety, feeling, and is thought provoking. With visually beautiful photographs, sounds, and sincere, enthusiastic presentation style, this program is of interest to anyone who appreciates nature.

Katie Piretti (Farm Family) – Insuring Risks Related to the Christmas Tree Industry and Smart Phone Apps – They will discuss insurance risks related to our industry and also briefly cover how to apply their application to the smart phones or iPads.

Wreath Competition- Peter Goderie- Chairperson
We are considering 3 categories this year for the Winter Convention:
1) Novice Decorated – Decorated Traditional 12’ wire frame – all natural greens – may be mixed (no proncess pine), Red velvet bow, cones, berries – wired ribbon is acceptable.
2) Master Decorated – Decorated 12” wire frame, made with all natural evergreens – may be mixed (no princess pine) – to Portray the theme “Old World Christmas” – with all handmade decorations.
3) Open Class- Kissing Balls- any size, made with all natural evergreens (no princess pine) as long as it can be hung – “Anything Goes.”
Details will follow. Registration forms will be on the website.

General membership meeting- to vote for Board of Director open positions, vote on By-Law/Constitution changes regarding fiscal to calendar year and audit committee.

Entertainment: “Anybody’s Guess” – Jack/Faye Beckwith and band members will play following Friday night buffet dinner. As the band plays, they will invite anyone from the audience who may wish to participate in”Christmas Tree Farmers Got Talent”. Any talent is welcome – from reading poetry, singing, dancing, comedy, etc... Performers are asked to bring their own back-up music on a CD or cassette tape or be prepared to “wing it” with the band. If you wish to participate, please let Jack and Faye know in advance – sign up- so they can vary the program. IT WILL BE GREAT FUN…..

Hope to see you there. See enclosed registration form and return envelope.

Rob Brown

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